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Poor rainwater drainage can lead to costly repairs. It is always important that gutters and downspouts clear away water quickly and efficiently from the roof of a house.

Bad rainwater draining, if ignored, creates the probability of expensive repair bills – which cannot be put off.

At Weathertight Exteriors, we use only what we believe are the best products in the industry at a price you can afford.  We provide the highest quality gutter replacement services in Pottstown PA and surrounding areas.

Gutter Services Pottstown

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Gutter Services Pottstown PA

Cost of Gutter Installation

Installing rain gutters and downspouts on your home is an important investment. Especially if you live in a location vulnerable to heavy rain or snow, rain gutters help keep your home structurally sound and secure it from the devastations of inclement weather condition.

Gutter systems are designed to divert water far from your house, which helps to secure your roofing, walls, and home structure and keep your house safeguarded from water damage.

If your gutters are damaged from blockages or damage, it is essential to purchase a gutter replacement as soon as possible– and comprehend gutter installation expenses.

The cost of a gutter installation can run between $880 to $4,400 on average, or $2.80 to $25 per linear foot. The national average cost to install gutters in the U.S. is $7 to $13 per linear foot, but higher end gutters like copper can run as high as $22 per linear foot on average.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Replacement

Q: When is it Time to Replace my Gutters?

A: There are several key signs that indicate gutter replacement is in order, such as: a cracked gutter that allows water to drain out; large areas of rust on gutters; gutters with leaky or separated seals; area with damaged paint; water from a broken gutter system can cause rotting, mold or mildew to siding, window sills, or door frames. 

When water accumulates in areas it’s not supposed to, it can cause extensive damage to your basement, or even foundation, if allowed to continue. This is a serious issue that should be addressed immediately upon discovery.

Q: What Are Seamless Gutters?

A: Seamless gutters are generally thought about the gold standard due to the fact that they only have seams at the corners. Installed continuously from corner to corner, these seamless gutters are ideal for avoiding or minimizing the risk of leakages.

Q: Aluminum or Galvanized Gutters: Which Is Better?

A: Galvanized gutters were chosen until the 1980s. The product was malleable and easy to set up, but it was also prone to corrosion and decay.

Aluminum seamless gutters, on the other hand, is today’s industry standard when it comes to rain gutter systems. They’re strong, resilient and non-corrosive. They can likewise be easily formed using a rain gutter maker on the job website, making them ideal for seamless gutter installation.

Q: Can You Repair Home Damage Prior to Gutter Replacement?

A: In some cases, damage can only be discovered after getting rid of the existing gutters. Ask your gutter contractors if they have somebody on their team who has the ideal skills to repair the impacted areas in case there are any. It’s important that the rest of your home remains in good condition prior to beginning the process for rain gutter replacement.

Q: Can I Get Financing for Gutter Replacement?

A: Weathertight Exteriors offers financing and is one of the top gutter contractors in Pottstown, PA and surrounding counties in  Pennsylvania.  Click the button below for a free estimate and book a free consultation to kick off your gutter replacement project!

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